Parlor of Discourses

The Parlor of Discourses is a place where civilized discourse on legitimate curiosities of the magnetic, electric, and harmonic natures of the Universe, from macro to micro are had. The Parlor offers a more focused conversation or a tangent topic that has evolved from comments down the RABBIT HOLE into a topic in the Parlor.

It is 9 RESE’s belief that we need more parlors of discourse for the discussion of legitimate curiosities of science. The burden of knowledge is great when the access to the depths of “man’s” knowledge is ever accessible.  The Parlor is an space where one’s experience and knowledge adds to the work of their peers in the refining of ideas, hypothesis, and theories. A space where the wheels of science are progressed beyond the providence of  “settled science.” The strength of the many is the weakness of the greats and in attempting to unlock the secrets of matter the greatest of the unknown knowns is our gauntlet.

In our discourses let us be cognitive of how quickly conversations can tangent from the realities of what is known and the roads that leads us to, into glutinous fantasies of fortunate “men.” Speculation is encouraged if it can be logically followed through the corpus of humanity. Conversations would do well to stay with in a stone’s throw of citations.

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