It’s Who You Know…

We seek out the leading scientist and researchers in the fields investigated by the community. Please, contribute to the list of people we would like to interview in the comments below. Over the second week of February we will interviewing the speakers at Observing the Frontier 2018! Altho we have not gotten confirmation from all the speakers they include:

  • Dr. Lisa Upton
    Solar Physicist
    NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, High Altitude Observatory
  • ​Eugene Bagashov
    Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research – SOSNY
  • Joan Burkepile
    Project Scientist
    High Altitude Observatory
    Mauna Loa Solar Observatory
  • Dr. Michael Clarage
    SAFIRE Project
  • Dr. August Dunning

We hope to release these interviews over the month of February. Keep an eye out!

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