9 RESE’ is a research and development company that explores the boundaries of the standard models. Using the latest data science tools and decades of experience the team at 9 RESE’ assess the global, free, digitized, scholarly information to find unique, interdisciplinary insights that have been lost in the exponentially growing digitized corpus of humanity. These insights lead to focused research and experimentation on the cutting edges of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.

The 9 RESE’ team has experience applying the scientific process and the power of advanced computer programming to any fields. They utilize these resources in the R&D of the ideas and challenges of the citizen scientist and researchers of the magnetic, electric, and harmonic nature of the Universe. It is 9 RESE’s intention to assist these investigators in furthering their research and developing their work into its fullest potential. To that effort 9 RESE’ has helped clients with hypothesis and theory development; statistical analysis; laboratory experimentation; modeling; data processing; and the development of data collection tools, mobile apps, websites, interactive map tools, space weather measuring instruments, and more.

9 RESE’s blog The Rabbit Hole is full of peer-reviewed articles that are relevant to the current research topics that 9 RESE’ is engaged in. The articles are fodder for discourse in the comments section. By sharing your findings and engaging in the discourse you help expanded the roads to solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

In a collaborative project with Ben Davidson at, 9 RESE’ is launching the Space Weather News App in the coming months. The Space Weather News App will bring over 250 data streams on the Earth and Sun related to space weather and the global electric circuit to your phone or tablet. Many of the streams are not available elsewhere and the alerts are the fastest and most comprehensive on the market.

The Global Electrical Circuit Research Network (GECRN) is a project 9 RESE’ is developing to enhance the resolution of available global electric circuit (GEC) indices. GECRN is a citizen scientist backed global network for the real time monitoring of local GEC conditions. The instruments being designed by 9 RESE’ will measure local geomagnetic and cosmic ray activity, surface electrical charge, GPS signals, atmospheric conditions, and many other indices yet to be addressed. These instruments will be available to the public who want to participate in the GECRN project. The data collected by the GECRN will be available in real-time to participants of GECRN and in archive form for the public. This project is in development and will be released in the 2018-2019 time period. 9 RESE’ is looking for collaborators on this project. A contact form can be found on the GECRN page.

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