9 RESE’ is a research and development company that explores the boundaries of the standard models. Using the latest data science tools and decades of experience the team at 9 RESE’ assess the global, free, digitized, scholarly information to find unique, interdisciplinary insights that have been lost in the exponentially growing digitized corpus of humanity. These insights lead to focused research and experimentation on the cutting edges of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. R&D findings aid the 9 RESE’ team in the development of unique insights and products.

The 9 RESE’ team has decades of experience applying the scientific process and the power of advanced computer programming in many fields. They utilize these resources in the R&D of the ideas and challenges of the citizen scientist and researchers of the magnetic, electric, and harmonic nature of the Universe. It is 9 RESE’s intention to assist these investigators in furthering their research and developing their work into its fullest potential. To that effort 9 RESE’ has helped clients with hypothesis and theory development; statistical analysis; laboratory experimentation; data processing; and the development of data collection tools, mobile apps, websites, interactive map tools, space weather measuring instruments, and more.

It is 9 RESE’s belief that we need more parlors of discourse for the discussion of legitimate curiosities of science. The burden of knowledge is great when the access to the depths of “man’s” knowledge is ever accessible.  9 RESE’s is providing such a Parlor of Discourse. An arena where one’s experience and knowledge adds to the work of their peers in the refining of ideas, hypothesis, and theories. A space where the wheels of science are progressed beyond the providence of “settled science.” The strength of the many is the weakness of the greats and in attempting to unlock the secrets of matter the greatest of the unknown knowns is our gauntlet.

9 RESE’s fodder for discourse is found down the Rabbit Hole where abstracts from the latest peer reviewed articles that are relevant to the investigations of 9 RESE’ and its members are posted. members are encouraged to discuss the article and related topics in the comments.  A more focused conversation or a tangent topic can be brought from a article comments to a topic in the Parlor of Discourse, where civilized discourse on legitimate curiosities of the magnetic, electric, and harmonic natures of the Universe, from macro to micro are had. Members also have the ability to form working groups for when discussions manifest into projects. The content down the Rabbit Hole also provides unique editorials and articles by influential researchers and members. The most active articles of the week will be discussed at length in a weekly podcast the Rabbit Trap featuring top the contributing members to the article discourse and topic experts.

In a collaborative project with Ben Davidson  at, 9 RESE’ is launching the Space Weather News App in the coming month. The Space Weather News App will bring over 200 data streams on the Earth and Sun related to space weather to your phone. Many of the streams are not available elsewhere and the alerts are the fastest and most comprehensive in the game.

To enhance the resolution of available space weather indices 9 RESE’ will be building Cosmic Ray Detectors and Magnetometers for measuring local geomagnetic activity. These instruments will be available to the public who want to participate in the Citizen Space Weather Research Network (CSWRN). The data collected by the CSWRN will be available to members and the participants of CSWRN. This project is in development and will be released in the 2018-2019 time period.

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