A Nine-Year Hunt for Neutrinos


The collaboration between ANTARES and IceCube observatories  are presenting the results of their nine-year search for a diffuse cosmic neutrino flux.Success! Sort of. The very nature of neutrinos elusiveness means that we have to draw conclusions with very small numbers of detections. Over nine years, ANTARES detected a total of 33 events above an energy cutoff of 20 TeV, whereas models predict it should have seen only 24 such events due to atmospheric particles. This detection of nine extra neutrinos may sound insubstantial but statistically, it allows the team to reject the hypothesis that there is no diffuse cosmic flux at an 85% confidence level.The mild excess of neutrinos detected by ANTARES is by no means a smoking gun, but the properties of this cosmic neutrino flux are consistent with those detected by IceCube, which is a very promising outcome. At the moment, it would seem that a diffuse flux of cosmic neutrinos is present and the next generation of neutrino observatories may be what we need to properly characterize it.CitationA. Albert et al 2018 ApJL 853 L7. doi:10.3847/2041-8213/aaa4f6

*Read the full abstract at the link below and add to the conversation on this topic in the comments, all input helps lead the way to others insight.

A Nine-Year Hunt for Neutrinos

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