What Do You Get As A Member?

1. A weekly hour+ podcast, RABBIT TRAP, featuring in depth conversation on the top articles of the week from down the Rabbit Hole. Guest will include top contributors to the comments and Parlor as well as leading researchers and experts. The media content will increase over the years to include series that will cover long term research of the community, in depth looks on topics, and other informative conversations.

2. The right to read, contribute, and start in depth conversation being held in the PARLOR OF DISCOURSES and the other members forums.

3. When conversations in the Parlor lead to actionable ideas members can start a group. Groups give the members the ability to find participants, organize projects, and communicate effectively with participants. 9 RESE’ will be developing the groups section over the next few years into a AI backed research tool with electronic notebook capabilities, record keeping and logging functions, AI research assistants, productivity tools, library storage, on the fly language translations of text and speech, and advanced literature and media searches. Please note the Groups have a long way to go to achieve the aforementioned features.

4. Access to leaders in the community, top scientist and researchers, and a community of intelligent active, and respectful people.



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