Citizen Space Weather Research Network

9 RESE’ and the members of this site investigate space weather’s effect on the weather, geology, and biology of Earth. There are a few major components to space weather that can be measured from the surface of the Earth. The official sites collecting these data points are few and scattered disproportionately. This leads to poor resolution, data compatibility, and significant time delays. To enhance the resolution of available space weather indices 9 RESE’ will be starting a network of citizen scientist who will host sensors and contribute data to the project. The first sensors 9 RESE’ will be offering will be for the detection of cosmic rays. Shortly after that 9 RESE’ Magnetometer for measuring local geomagnetic activity. The data collected by the CSWRN will be available to members and the participants of CSWRN.)
Future Indices:
-World Wide Ground Based Solar Observatories
-Local Total Electron Content
-Atmospheric Conditions including the Electrical Environment
This project is in development and will be released with in 2018-2019 time period. 9 RESE’ is looking for collaborators to assist in bringing this project to fruition in a timely manner and wants to hear your thoughts on this project in the comments below. If you want to be active in this project join the team by signing up here to become a member and contribute to the conversation in the CSWRN Parlor.

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  • bobbert99

    I’d like to participate with data collection.

    • Todd Cleckner

      Hi Bob, we will be offering the Cosmic Ray monitors first. They will hopefully be out with in the next 6 months. The prototype is complete now sourcing parts and getting the infrastructure developed to deal with the network and data. Hopefully before years end we can offer the magnetometers as well. The first prototype worked well but parts supply is unstable. Going to try new ones and a different configuration next month. Thanks for your interest.

  • Heather Stargazer

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to stop in and say that the new meters you’ve added are awesome! So much great information! Thank you for your continued work to make this app amazing! You’re doing a great job!

  • Randrat

    Hi Heather and all. I chatted briefly with TC over at SO today. Suggested that I join here to contribute to earth solar system modeling. In addition to modeling real time data with monitors I would like to participate with historical data as well.

    • Todd Cleckner

      Hi Randrat this is tc. The site is just getting going so you may be the first to comment on a topic or you may want to start your own thread. We will help promote your thread or any active thread. We are trying to get a wiki up soon so all of can begin to build a body of knowledge from our own research, knowledge, and experiences. We don’t have a Forum category up right now for exactly what we were discussing this morning but the Global Electric Circuit one could be a fit for some of your ideas as well as the Citizen Space Weather Research Network forum that focuses on building a global network of instruments to measure the indices we can. I look forward to having your perspective and participation around. Thanks

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