A new approach to the global electric circuit conception


For a long time we have tried to find the definite Space parameters which could
properly describe their influence on the Earth. Such parameters like density and
velocity of the solar wind as well as the components of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) Bz and By were used in our statistical studies. As a rule we got not very high coefficients of correlation between the space and atmospheric parameters. Finally we took such space parameter as the solar wind dynamic pressure. It is known that the solar wind dynamic pressure together with IMF component Bz determines subsolar distance between the Earth and magnetopause of the magnetosphere. Furthermore we used the subsolar magnetopause position (expressed in the Earth radius units) as a main parameter in our studies. It turned out that a position of the magnetopause determines the physical processes in different spheres of the near-Earth space.

Authors: Makarova L.N. and A.V. Shirochkov
Arctic & Antarctic Research Institute, St-Petersburg, 199397, Russia

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A new approach to the global electric circuit conception


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