The Rabbit Trap, our weekly podcast, brings specialist, philosophers, and citizen scientist together for a round table discussion. Recent research and peer reviewed papers are put on the table as fooder for the discourse. The inter/multi disciplinary nature of the amazing folks on the show and our guest make for some remarkable, deep journeys down some surprising rabbit holes. Leave your topic suggestions in the chat below. We try to get one out each week by Sunday evening.


The first recording of Rabbit Trap will be recorded on April 1st 2018!
Stay tuned!!!


Check out the first episode of It’s Who You Know with Eugene Bagashov. In this first episode of IWYK Eugene concisely shares some of his philosophical views that happen to mirror many of 9 RESE’s. The current state of science and the rise of the citizen science movement are discussed along with science politics and the flat earth of the mind. Be sure to catch the B-Roll from the interview a 9 RESE’ member’s exclusive. Life time membership is free for a limited time.


Other Voices is a collection of the public podcast 9 RESE’ regularly participates in. We highly recommenced checking them out when you can.

Baiting The Trap

Help bait the rabbit trap. Contribute ideas for podcast topics and people you want to know. We have an electrical engineer, particle physicist, philosopher, geologist, computer programmer, and citizen scientist willing to take on your topics and questions. Vote for the ideas you love. Thanks!

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Adonna Khare http://arton5th.com/artwork/venus-rabbit-trap/


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