Plausible modulation of solar wind energy flux input on global tropical cyclone activity

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•Global tropical cyclone activity is modulated by solar wind energy flux.
•Tropical cyclones are more intense with higher geomagnetic activities.
•A possible mechanism is proposed and some evidences are also presented.

we investigate the possible modulation of the total energy flux input from the solar wind into the Earth’s magnetosphere on the global tropical cyclone activity during 1963–2012. From a global perspective, the accumulated cyclone energy increases gradually since 1963 and starts to decrease after 1994. Compare to the previously frequently used parameters, e.g., the sunspot number, the total solar irradiation, the solar F10.7 irradiation, the tropical sea surface temperature, and the south oscillation index, the total solar wind energy flux input exhibits a better correlation with the global tropical cyclone activity.

Authors: Hui Lia, Chi Wanga, Shengping Heb, Huijun Wangb, Cui Tud, Jiyao Xua, Fei Lie, Xiaocheng Guoa
Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics
Published Online: 6 February 2018

Plausible modulation of solar wind energy flux input on global tropical cyclone activity

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