Recent research suggest that there are dramatic effects and threats to communications, travel, satellites, the electric grid, climate, weather, and biological health from space weather and that those effects are possibly being amplified in the new space environment forming around Earth.

The real time data available to monitor the Sun and Earth is unprecedented as is the store of archived data from our centuries of probing. With the many governments, agencies, institutions and companies producing hundreds of data streams the pursuit of current conditions or historic data can be chaotic and overwhelming. To assist those with general space weather interest and the research communities, Space Weather News and 9 RESE’ are developing the SWN App that offers a comprehensive collection of over 200 real time Solar and Earth space weather resources.

Project Partner Wanted!

Space Weather News and 9 RESE’ are looking for an experienced and skilled React Native mobile app developer to assist in the app’s development.

Experience with the following a plus:

*Google Cloud Services


*React Native iOS & Android Dev


*Reacquiring Subscriptions

Interested Individuals should submit a casual response listing, relevant experience, weekly availability to the project, and a bit about your Space Weather interest below. This is a reasonably compensated position that could lead to involvement with the other projects 9 RESE’ is engaged in like Earthquake Forecasting and Global Electric Circuit Research.

Project Partner Wanted!



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