Recent research suggest that there are dramatic effects and threats to communications, travel, satellites, the electric grid, climate, weather, and biological health from space weather and that those effects are possibly being amplified in the new space environment forming around Earth.

The real time data available to monitor the Sun and Earth is unprecedented as is the store of archived data from our centuries of probing. With the many governments, agencies, institutions and companies producing hundreds of data streams the pursuit of current conditions or historic data can be chaotic and overwhelming. To assist those with general space weather interest and the research communities, Space Weather News and 9 RESE’ have developed the SWN App that offers a comprehensive collection of over 200 Solar and Earth space weather resources including:

  • NOAA & NASA- movies, data, and alerts
  • International data streams
  • Earth energetic and magnetic environments
  • Pathways to basic and higher space weather knowledge
  • NOAA Space Weather Notifications
  • 9 RESE’s Advanced Space Weather Notification system
  • Daily Space Weather news and peer-reviewed articles
  • Access to videos from the top institutions, researchers, and thinkers

9 RESE’s Advanced Space Weather Notification system was developed to provide the fastest and easiest ways to receive the critical Solar and Earth space weather information you need to be informed and prepared. The SWN App notifications include over 15 different alerts from NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center and unique 9 RESE’ alerts. These notifications cover Geomagnetic Storms, Proton and Electron Storms, Solar Flares, and more.

Current research is enriching the conventions of space weather and the resulting Earth interactions. Space Weather is one of the fastest changing fields as more focus and funding from governments, universities and private interest is invested on the topic. The SWN App will keep you informed of what new findings come from the latest research on Space Weather. There are many peer-reviewed journals that are focused on the understanding of space weather and the Earth’s interaction with it. Regular updates of the latest peer reviewed papers and select archived papers on relevant topics is a convenient feature for those wanting to deepen their knowledge and keep current on the rapidly changing understanding we have of space weather and its importance to us. Papers are chosen from:

  • Space Weather- AGU
  • Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate
  • Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics
  • Solar Physics
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
  • Astrophysics and Space Science
  • and more from top publishers


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