Effect of permanent magnetic field on the properties of static water and germination of cucumber seeds


RWater scarcity and concentration of salts in soils are currently considered as threats to human life. The degradation of irrigation water quality is mainly due to overexploitation of natural resources, poor management and pollution. However, these factors limit the development of agriculture. Although the method of treating water by a magnetic field is a technique that has recently been introduced into different fields, including agriculture, it can be considered as a solution to reduce the salinity problems of irrigation water. On the other hand, magnetized water is the water exposed to magnetic rays which undergoes physical and chemical variations. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of magnetic treatment the advantages of magnetically treated water on the rate of germination and the germinal faculty of cucumber seeds. In addition, experiments were performed with two magnetic devices: A1 = 0.5 Tesla; A2 = 0.29 Tesla. As a result, the application of a magnetic field influenced the parameters of the water, decreasing its pH. As well as, the increase in germination rate and the seed capacity of cucumber seeds before seedling. Statistical analysis showed that our experimental results are highly significant.

Authors: Olfa Cheikh 1, Anis Elaoud 1, Hamza Ben Amor 1,2, and Mahmoud Hozayn 3
1- Laboratory of Environmental Science and Technologies, Higher Institute of Sciences and Technology of Environment, Carthage University, Tunisia
2- University of Carthage, National Institute of Agronomic, Tunisia
3-National Research Center, Egypt
International Journal of Multidisciplinary and Current Research
10 Feb 2018, Vol.6
ISSN: 2321-3124

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Effect of permanent magnetic field on the properties of static water and
germination of cucumber seeds


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  • Derf

    I discovered this anomaly back in 2009 myself. Determined it was a result of noise created by surrounding electrical environment. Corrected by calibrating measure devices in the environment it’s use was intended in. Was I wrong my determination?

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